I have received instruction for expert opinion regularly since 1990. My specialism is restricted to the kidneys and urinary tract to include congenital and acquired disorders affecting all ages of infants, children and young adults.
Cases on which I have been asked to provide expert opinion include;

•    Structural abnormalities of the kidney and urinary tract
•    Neuropathic Bladder
•    Acute kidney failure
•    Neonatal acute kidney failure
•    Acute glomerulonephritis
•    Metabolic disease of the kidney
•    Nephrotic Syndrome
•    Kidney Biopsy
•    Hypertension
•    Chronic Kidney Disease
•    Dialysis
•    Kidney Transplantation

The number of instructions received is approximately 25 per annum and invariably will require meeting with Counsel. The majority of legal work undertaken is on behalf of the plaintiff and it is rare for cases to require a Court Hearing.

My professional qualifications are listed in both the Expert Witness Directory and the UK Register of Expert Witnesses.

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