Dr Richard Trompeter FRCP FRCPCH

Following his consultant appointment in 1983 Richard Trompeter established the paediatric nephrology department at The Royal Free Hospital, London and was responsible for developing the first renal transplant programme  in North London for children over the age of 5 years. Within 3 years he had also set up the dialysis and renal transplant programme for children aged between 1 and 5 years of age at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) and in 1986 the two units were sited at GOSH  and became the largest centre for dialysis and transplantation in the UK.

As clinical lead for nephrology between 1990 and 2000, he witnessed the reputation and activity of the GOSH renal unit grow to become one of the largest and most active departments for the treatment of all types of renal disease in infants and children in Europe and North America. Over the past 25 years more than 650 children have had a successful kidney transplant. The overall success rate has continued to improve with each decade reflecting the improved medical care afforded to children and the growing experience with modern immunosuppression.  He has been the principal investigator at GOSH for 3 multicentre international randomised trials of immunosuppression in children receiving a renal transplant.

His special interests are not limited to transplantation medicine.  He has considerable clinical and laboratory experience in the investigation, management and treatment of childhood nephrotic syndrome (NS).  At GOSH he established the only special out-patient clinic for children with this condition in the UK, in order to study the demography and epidemiology. This  work continues in a similar clinic for young adults at The Royal Free Hospital. His research interests in NS are ongoing with current projects investigating the molecular genetics of families with NS and and randomised clinical trials investigating the preferred corticosteroid induction regimen for children presenting with their first episode of NS.

As clinical director of the medical unit at GOSH for 10 years followed by a period as clinical director of the international and private patient unit he was responsible for significant management and clinical developments resulting in increasing the income to the hospital.

Richard Trompeter has had a significant interest interest in Clinical Ethics.  As Chairman of one of the first UK Clinical Ethics Committees (CEC) at GOSH the subject was promoted to a wide medical  and non medical audience. He has been a CEC member of the British Transplant Society, European Renal Association, International Pediatric Transplant Association  and The Transplantation Society.

More than 100 peer reviewed publications reflect his extensive experience in treating infants and children with congenital,hereditary and acquired renal disease.

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